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Get Prequalified Today

Financing a home is an extremely important decision that requires careful planning and attention to all details. There are many loan programs available, let Group Capital assist you in finding the program that works for you.

Group Capital Mortgage is our primary in-house lending firm.  Group Capital Mortgage has been originating home loans for buyers for over 15 years.  We sustained even throughout our country’s economic downturn between the years of 2007-2011.  Because we have strong relationships with banks, title and escrow companies, our in-house loan-processing center is known for closing transactions in under 30 days.  Our loans agents are licensed and qualified to help you get the loan suited for your financial needs.

If you are interested in purchasing property or land, chances are you will need a loan. Group Capital Mortgage wants to help you facilitate an easy hassle-free financing experience. There are many different factors to consider, listed are a few things to think about:


  Contact one of our agents to get prequalified. 
  Gather financial documents such as W-2 forms, last 2 years of tax returns, 2 months of bank statements, 2 paycheck stubs.
  Setting up an appointment with one of our mortgage professionals today can get you steps closer to finding the right financing that suits your needs.  A mortgage professional can lay out a plan of action to achieve your goals while also discussing your finances, future plans, and the amount of risk associated with your purchase. 


To familiarize yourself listed are the most common loans available to buyers.

  • 100% No Money Down
  • FHA 3.5% Down
  • Conventional 5% Down
  • VA Loan Programs
  • JUMBO Loans